Västmanlands-Dala nation's housing foundation


2018-10-11 Now you can register at www.nationsgardarna.se

Most of the housing foundations associated with the 13 student nations in Uppsala have created Nationsgårdarna. A common system to use when applying for housing, manage rent invoices and reporting issues.

Due to the new system, Västmanlands-Dala nations student housing foundation will no longer offer housing on our own website or host housing distributions in the nation house. All of our available housing is now displayed at www.nationsgardarna.se.



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The Foundation for Västmanlands-Dala nation's student housing have provided housing for it's members since the 60s. We currently have 850 accommodations for rent, stretching from corridor rooms to three-room appartments

On this website you can see available accommodations, find answers to commonly asked questions and join a housing queue. To join a housing queue, you must be a member of Västmanlands-Dala nation.

Available objects

Go to www.nationsgardarna.se

To those in housing queues

The Foundation is under the statutes to provide housing to members of Västmanlands-Dala nation. Students wishing to sign a contract have to be a member of V-Dala.

In order to keep your place in the housing queues you need to be a member of Västmanlands-Dala nation. Non-members will be removed from the housing queues, if you have not paid your nation fee after the 30th of September in the fall or after the 1st of March in the spring you will be removed. Members will remain in the queues and don't have to do anything.





To become a member, you can either visit UppsalaStudent or Västmanlands-Dala nation.

Västmanlands-Dala nation's housing foundation