Västmanlands-Dala nation's housing foundation

The Foundation for Västmanlands-Dala nation's student housing have provided housing for it's members since the 60s. We currently have 850 accommodations for rent, stretching from corridor rooms to three-room appartments

Most of the housing foundations associated with the 13 student nations in Uppsala have created Nationsgårdarna. A common system to use when applying for housing, manage rent invoices and reporting issues.

Important information and recent announcements

2019-10-01: All error reports are from now made at nationsgardarna.se 2019-

Current information regarding our housing areas

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Available objects

Go to www.nationsgardarna.se

The Foundation is under the statutes to provide housing to members of Västmanlands-Dala nation. Students wishing to sign a contract and keep a current have to be a member of V-Dala.

To become a member, you can either visit UppsalaStudent or Västmanlands-Dala nation.