Final inspection:

Final inspection is booked via mail: Make an appointment well ahead since there usually are a lot of people moving out in the same day. Do not return the keys until you have received the final inspection approved. This because of if you have any issues that you have to fix. Your presence is not mandatory, but is appreciated. Cleaning should be finished no later than 07:30 AM on the day of departure. Any issues found at the final inspection will be charged according to the information you received when you terminated your contract and at the pre-inspection.

Everything that belongs to the room or apartment like doors, coat rack, blinds and drapers etc., must be present on the day of departure. If it turns out that there is damage to the room that you caused or from excessive wear/tear you might be liable for the costs associated with restoration. You are also not allowed to repaint or use plaster to restore any issues by yourself.

Wanted descaling please ask for it at the same time as you book your final inspection.